The Come-Back Coat

You’ve seen this duster coat before, and can you blame me? How can I let a coat like this sit in my closet without bringing it out for yet another debut?

When I first purchased this coat at Forever 21, it was just starting to come into style. I remember showing it to my mom and explaining that it was the latest look. Fast forward quite a bit, and here I am wearing it again. I like to think that my style continues to evolve, and when a staple piece like this duster keeps coming back, I know its a keeper.

I wore this particular outfit to my mom’s birthday dinner. We went out around 7:30-8 so it was still a little warm out. Nevertheless, this coat didn’t feel warm. It’s an accessory to any outfit, and not the outfit itself.

I wore a navy Blu Spero dress, my Coach Rhyder, my Coach flats and a statement necklace from Blu Spero.





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