A Pop of Blue

Black, white and blue all over? Not the phrase you usually hear, but why not?
If you’re anything like me, you love the minimalism that comes with the chic black and white combo.

During my trip to Brazil over winter break, I was reminded of something I forgot – the power of color. As someone who is obsessed with all black every day, it’s easy to think color is overrated. But I started noticing how easy it was to lose my fashion personality when all I wore was black. It wasn’t super fun to get dressed every day, especially in a colorful country like Brazil.

So I started playing with colors, as cautiously as ever.

Next thing I know, everything I bought didn’t have even a hint of black. I’m talking hot pink, cobalt blue and tropical patterns…(I know, who am I?)

So before you think, “this post is not for me.” consider adding a little bit of color to your wardrobe. Color can be chic.

A little nervous about color? Start slow and focus on using colorful details versus colorful outfits. Need some inspo? Scroll down to see my pop of blue.









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