A Little Leg

When it comes to personal style, I always say you should wear what makes you feel confident. You could wear an outfit straight from V. Beckham’s closet (swoon), but if you doubt yourself even a little, you’ll look wack. It’s the way life goes. However, there are always a couple rules you can follow when you’re trying to put an outfit together.

One rule to always go by is balance. If you’re going to wear an outfit that shows leg, make sure your upper half isn’t exposed. Wearing a dress that has an open back? Make sure you’re not wearing a deep V in the front. Looking overexposed can not only be a bad look overall but you’ll probably be constantly worried about how it looks all night.


Experimenting with different styles and silhouettes will also help you figure out what works for your body and what doesn’t. With this dress in particular, I know that when I tie it to the side and pair it with booties, my legs look longer and leaner. Without tying it or wearing it with my knee-high boots, I actually look a lot shorter than I am. Try out different accessories, different looks and different styles you wouldn’t usually try, and I guarantee you’ll be surprised with what looks good and what doesn’t quite match.

Finally, the most important rule is to wear what makes you happy. It’s so easy to fall into what everyone else is doing. Personal style is about individuality. It’s about putting an outfit on because you want to, and because you think you look good. Never question what you’re doing or wearing just because it doesn’t match what the person next to you is doing. Standing out is beautiful.





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