5 Things that Happened When I Stopped Doing Hair and Makeup for a Week

Hi, my name is Paula and I am addicted to hair and makeup. Sound like you? As most fashionistas, hair and make up is an accessory to your everyday look. So what happened when I went an entire week without wearing any face makeup (foundation, concealer, blush, etc.) or heat products on my hair? Scroll down to find out.

1. I craved it

I honestly believed I’d be able to go without touching my hair or makeup quite easily. However, the first few days were actually difficult. I wasn’t used to showing the world my dark circles, dark spots, blemishes and more. Although the first few days were tough, it wasn’t brutal until I was getting ready to go out to dinner and didn’t have the option to hide these imperfections. I stared at myself in the mirror and wondered how I’d feel the entire night.

2. I touched my face…a lot

Whoa. I had no idea how much I touched my face every day until I started to become aware of it. I remember reading an article on Kendall Jenner where she claimed the best advice she had ever received from her sisters was to not touch her face. That advice flashed through my head every time my fingers made contact with my face. Because of this, I made a huge effort to stop. Needless to say, it’s a pretty hefty habit I need to break, and it won’t happen over night.

3. My hair became much softer

Besides the frizz, I noticed a pretty big change in my hair. My hair became so much softer and easier to brush through after a shower. Because of my frizz, I would put more keratin oil in my hair throughout the week, which in turn helped with the softness. Additionally, I’d put my hair up more throughout the week, which allowed me to be more creative with my options. It also forced me to really showcase my bare face, which helped so much to accept the whole week with open arms.

4. I started paying more attention to the products I use

When it comes to it, you really start to see the texture of your hair and your skin type. Although not always fun, this can be seen as beneficial to find exactly the type of products you should be using. Once you strip yourself of everything for a long period of time, you’re able to find products that are more personalized to your needs.

5. I had a beauty reset

Sometimes you get trapped in a cycle, and I was stuck in a beauty cycle. I was constantly doing my hair and makeup without allowing myself a break. After forcing myself to put the products down, I was able to hit the reset button, and it was low key liberating. It’s been about a week since my “experiment” and I still haven’t done my hair (makeup is another story), but I think this calls for a celebratory mimosa.

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