As I reflect on 2017…

As I reflect on 2017, all I can think is damn, this year was crazy.

2017 was like a grimy, dirty club – kind of a good time, kind of wondering how we got here in the first place.

This year was tough and exciting for me. Anyone in their 20s know what it’s like to be in this weird limbo. Unsure of where they should be going, what direction to take their lives and constantly wondering, “Am I doing the right thing?”

We’re all kind of moving through life wondering when someone is going to tell us to take a left in a half mile.

What I learned from so much uncertainty is that we need to go through this much uncertainty to be certain about what it is that we want out of life.

The biggest lessons I learned this year were with my career and my relationships.

Career-wise, I learned to trust my gut. I started my most recent job knowing that I wanted to get to a higher position. I started at the bottom and was hungry to get to the top. After a few attempts, I was told no. I kept being told to try a new place and move on. My gut told me to stay and prove my worth. As soon as I distinguished what my end goal was, I knew for a fact that I will get there. It just wouldn’t be in the exact path I expected to use originally.

The good thing about me being so stubborn is that I refuse to give up until I get exactly what I want. The amount that I’ve been able to accomplish that has allowed me to move up higher than I expected is insane. But also not surprising. 2017 for me was about proving everyone wrong, including myself. I’m entering 2018 with the same mindset. But  with more intensity. You can’t stop me now, ya feel?

I’ve never felt more sure about myself and my career. I also know that I’ll have to really grind to get to the top, but that only presents itself as a deliciously difficult challenge that I can’t wait to conquer.


With relationships, I’ve learned to keep my standards high. There really isn’t much else to it. Nothing more to explain. As women, we feel our biological clock ticking, and I don’t even want kids. It’s hard to not think, ‘shouldn’t I be getting married, like soonish?’

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Met Gala 2016 – Best and Worst Dressed

Am I the only one who feels like we JUST had the Met happen not too long ago?? I can’t believe another Met has come and gone so quickly.

Can we take a quick minute to appreciate this year’s theme and fashion? The theme was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, and the celebs brought it on. Cue the sequins and metallic. It was everything I’ve ever wanted to see and more. Keep reading to see this year’s best and worst dressed of the Met Gala 2016.


Best Dressed:

naomi-watts Burberry.jpg

Naomi Watts in Burberry

Zoey-Deutch. Dolce & Gabbana.jpg

Zoey Deutch in Dolce & Gabbana

lily-collins Valentino.jpg

Lily Collins in Valentino

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Best Dressed of Grammys 2016

For those who watched the Grammys, it was definitely a show. But what stood out to me? The skin on the Red Carpet. From Ciara to Taylor Swift, the stars were ready to kill the Red Carpet and show off their slits, open backs and cutouts.

Best Dressed:

Alessandra Ambrosio in Versace.jpg

Alessandra Ambrosio in Versace

Serayah in Vera Wang.jpg

Serayah in Vera Wang

Selena Gomez in Calvin Klein.jpg

Selena Gomez in Calvin Klein

Anna Kendrick in Ungaro.jpg

Anna Kendrick in Ungaro

Ellie Goulding in Stella McCarney.jpg

Ellie Goulding in Stella McCartney

Taylor Swift in Atelier Versace.jpg

Taylor Swift in Atelier Versace

Champagne Glitter

It’s Christmas Eve here in Brazil and the glitz and glamour is in full force. Champagne popping, pork in the oven and a candle in the center of the table.

The holidays, regardless of what you celebrate, are about getting together with everyone you love. It’s a magical time.

It only makes sense to dress like magic as well. I put together is this outfit with all the seasons in mind. This dress is stunning without needing to do much to it. With a higher collar, sleeves and an open back, it’s a showstopper.


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