Top three books you HAVE to read

If you know anything about me at all, it’s that I love books. I’ve recently had really great luck with the books I’ve been reading. Three amazing books back-to-back and I couldn’t wait to recommend them.

  1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson

This is my favorite book of all time. The title is already captivating enough, but the content inside is so impactful. As a quick note, this book isn’t about how to not give a fuck about anything. In fact, Manson makes this argument towards the very beginning. This book is about how to give a fuck about only the things that matter.

His humor and charm oozes out of each chapter and before you know it, you’ve already sped through 20 pages in what feels like a minute.

I recommend this book for anyone who feels like they’re paying attention to minute details in their lives and are feeling overwhelmed.

This is a book I will absolutely reread later on.


2.  The Defining Decade by Meg Jay

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Grocery Haul

Hi my loves! I’m finally getting around to doing this highly requested post – grocery haul!

Before jumping right into it, I wanted to update you on my diet, my goals and some new projects. First, I started a health and fitness podcast with two awesome guys called The Pod Bod. Our episodes will be released later this month, but you can get updates by following our Instagram account @thepodbod. Something I’m very, very, very excited about is that the three of us are doing a cut until June 1st. We’re all going about it differently and have different goals we’re trying to achieve with this cut. I personally am doing a cut that focuses on how my body changes visually, meaning I won’t be paying too much attention to weight. I am taking measurements as well to get a better idea of how much I’m changing. My diet is a little more relaxed this time around because I struggled to go straight into Keto for this cut. SO, I am doing a high protein, relatively high fat diet with most of my carbs (low) coming from whole foods. That means mostly veggies and some fruit. I’m still allowing myself to eat other carbs, but I do want to keep my carb intake relatively low.


With all this in mind, I wanted to share my first grocery haul for this cut.

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Working in a man’s world

I remember my very first experience with sexism in my workplace. It was a few years ago at a place I loved working at. Without getting into details, an opportunity arose for a group of both men and women to work on a project and present their work to a client. The group worked hard, day and night. After much admiration for the work, it our boss revealed that only a select few would present their work. All the men were selected, while the women were asked to stay back and brainstorm new Twitter content. Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it?

To be honest, when I heard about this, I didn’t really think too much about it. At least not until a close friend told me that this was a pattern, and it had been occurring even before I started working there. The women always did the work with the men, and were almost never selected to travel to present their work.

I remember thinking to myself ‘Ok, this is actually a thing. Happening to people close to me. Which means this could easily happen to me.’

I decided to get smart. I figured, if I prepare for something like this to happen, I’ll be ready to handle the situation and be vocal about my story.

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As I reflect on 2017…

As I reflect on 2017, all I can think is damn, this year was crazy.

2017 was like a grimy, dirty club – kind of a good time, kind of wondering how we got here in the first place.

This year was tough and exciting for me. Anyone in their 20s know what it’s like to be in this weird limbo. Unsure of where they should be going, what direction to take their lives and constantly wondering, “Am I doing the right thing?”

We’re all kind of moving through life wondering when someone is going to tell us to take a left in a half mile.

What I learned from so much uncertainty is that we need to go through this much uncertainty to be certain about what it is that we want out of life.

The biggest lessons I learned this year were with my career and my relationships.

Career-wise, I learned to trust my gut. I started my most recent job knowing that I wanted to get to a higher position. I started at the bottom and was hungry to get to the top. After a few attempts, I was told no. I kept being told to try a new place and move on. My gut told me to stay and prove my worth. As soon as I distinguished what my end goal was, I knew for a fact that I will get there. It just wouldn’t be in the exact path I expected to use originally.

The good thing about me being so stubborn is that I refuse to give up until I get exactly what I want. The amount that I’ve been able to accomplish that has allowed me to move up higher than I expected is insane. But also not surprising. 2017 for me was about proving everyone wrong, including myself. I’m entering 2018 with the same mindset. But  with more intensity. You can’t stop me now, ya feel?

I’ve never felt more sure about myself and my career. I also know that I’ll have to really grind to get to the top, but that only presents itself as a deliciously difficult challenge that I can’t wait to conquer.


With relationships, I’ve learned to keep my standards high. There really isn’t much else to it. Nothing more to explain. As women, we feel our biological clock ticking, and I don’t even want kids. It’s hard to not think, ‘shouldn’t I be getting married, like soonish?’

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When is Enough Going to be Enough?

A video went viral this week showing a boy sharing the pain of bullying he experienced in school. The video showed up on my Twitter feed, and I was honestly very reluctant to click on it. I knew that by clicking on the video, I’d have to hear about someone’s painful experience that was inevitably making him feel inadequate in some ways.

I eventually clicked on the video. It was heartbreaking. He shared what happened to him in school that day. With tears, he asked a simple question, “Why do they bully? What’s the point of it?”

He went on to tell what the kids in school made fun of him for.

It was exactly what the kids in my school did to me years ago. I remember coming home crying multiple times because of the horrific things people would say to me. I remember hating things about myself because I was told over and over again that it made me ugly and that it was different.

It took me years to get over it. I sometimes still catch myself reverting back to their comments and wondering if there is any truth to it. It’s funny how some things can stick with you for so long afterwards.

Here’s the thing about bullying – most kids who are bullied are bullied because they are “different” in some way.

But I’m not about that. Let’s shut that shit down quick using one simple example. Continue reading