Champagne Glitter

It’s Christmas Eve here in Brazil and the glitz and glamour is in full force. Champagne popping, pork in the oven and a candle in the center of the table.

The holidays, regardless of what you celebrate, are about getting together with everyone you love. It’s a magical time.

It only makes sense to dress like magic as well. I put together is this outfit with all the seasons in mind. This dress is stunning without needing to do much to it. With a higher collar, sleeves and an open back, it’s a showstopper.


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How to: Make Your Makeup Last All Night Long

IT’S FINALLY HERE! I have been teasing you guys on my social media about how I manage to make my makeup last all day long, and it’s finally time that I tell you just how I do it.


I have tried dozens of different products such as finishing sprays and translucent powders to help keep my makeup from moving and smudging, and I’m happy to report a tactic I’ve been using for about a year and a half that actually works. I use this product for those long days filled with things to do and an event at the end of the night. Additionally, this has been my savior for music festivals and concerts where it is nearly impossible to keep your makeup on.

So now let’s get to it.

***drum roll please

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Benefits of Filling in Eyebrows AND how I do Mine

If you haven’t seen on my Twitter or Instagram, I posted a lovely picture of one eyebrow filled in, and the other one untouched (You can see it on all my social media platforms @laceandmimosas). I’ve gotten a lot of questions on how I do my eyebrows so I’ve decided to do a quick post on not only how I do it, buy why.

The trend of fuller eyebrows has changed the beauty game a few years back and now, everyone is pursuing the perfect brows. Face it, we all want our brows to be on fleek.

I remember filling in my brows for the first time and thinking, “I look crazy.”

But, the more I watched videos, the more I was able to make it look more natural. The key to filling your brows without looking like you’re the next Cara Delevingne (not in a good way) is by taking your time. From all the mistakes I made, the one thing I realized is that there’s no magic way to quickly slap on some color to get the perfect shape.

Filling in your brows makes your overall look sharper because it frames your face. It commands attention.

Next time you have some free time, try it out and see for yourself how your eyebrows can be a total game-changer.

So now to the fun part – how I do my eyebrows. So because I know some people have difficult brows that don’t understand what cooperation means, I decided to do this on my right brow that is SO DIFFICULT. It never has a normal shape to it. Additionally, I hadn’t gotten my eyebrows threaded for some time, so this post should relate to all the girls who know the struggle. Don’t worry ladies, even with the most difficult brows can have shape.

To achieve this filled-in look, I only used two products, both bought at Target:

The brow sculptor is by Rimmel in Dark Brunette and the gel is by Maybelline in Dark Brown.

IMG_1986 IMG_1987

1)  I start off by taking the pencil and lightly outlining the inner part of my eyebrow, closest to my nose. For this, you’ll want to just follow the hairs and create an outline. Once you outline half of your eyebrow, you can draw the outer tail of the brow a little darker. Think of it as if you’re giving your eyebrow a reverse ombre effect.IMG_2262

2) Next, you’re going to do the same thing with the top. Continue going lighter closest to your nose and darker at the tail. Make sure to follow the hairs to get a natural outline. IMG_2261

3)  Go ahead and fill in your entire brow, again going lightly near your nose. Once you do that, you can start drawing in your brows closer to the center in short, light strokes. You want to mimic hairs, so the key is to go very lightly.

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How to: Ombre Lip

I’ve been so excited to share this makeup trick with you guys for a while now! The ombre lip has been used time and time again by makeup artists and youtube sensations like Carli Bybel and many more.


The reason I love doing a two-toned lip is because it makes your lips look much fuller and it’s honestly so easy to achieve. Not only do I love it, but it’s actually my go-to lip routine.

So here is my step-by-step process to get the perfect ombre lip:

1) The first step is to exfoliate your lips. There are so many different ways to do this, but what you’re really wanting to achieve is a nice even layer of skin to begin your look. I have a sugar scrub “lipstick” (I think from elf) that works decently, but you can find homemade ideas from websites like

2) Next, you’ll want to line in your lips and fill them in completely. You can use any color for this, but I’m using a nude color here. It really doesn’t have to be perfect because of the layering you’ll do in a bit.


3) After liner, grab a darker shade and draw in your lips around the corners of you mouth and bring them in slightly towards the center. You can also draw those lines around the center of your lips that create a fuller-lip effect. Don’t worry about blending it in.


4) Next, take a color that matches (or is close to) your first liner and apply normally.


5) Find a true nude color or a color lighter than the colors you’ve used in your palette and apply only to the center of your lips.


6) Take concealer and a small angled brush to clean up the edges. Cleaning up the edges creates straighter lines that make your lips look better.


7) Here’s the weird part, but also my favorite trick! Take translucent powder or very refined powder and dab it on your lips, making sure it’s mixed in well. I’m using Ben Nye in Cameo for this. By doing this, the powder holds the color in place, which causes the color to stay on longer. To make the color last even longer, after applying the powder, repeat process 2-6.


And you’re done!

IMG_9471And it looks great in just about every color. I love using the ombre lip with a true red. It really spices up your overall look.


Hope you all enjoyed! xoxo

Award Season: Glamour Awards 2015 Best Dressed

Talk about a glamorous event with fancy cocktails and swoon-worthy gowns. Today we’re talking about the best dressed celebs of the Glamour Awards. The 12th annual event was featured in London this year, and they teamed up with Next to make this the event of the year. It’s interesting to me the small amount of coverage the event received. Although most websites provided minimal amount of information about the event, here is my list for the best dressed celebs and best looks of the 2015 Glamour Women of the Year Awards:

Kerry-Washington_2 piece david Koma midi

Kerry Washington in a two-piece David Koma midi


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in a Cushnie et Ochs gown


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