2016: A year in review

As the 2016 chapter closes, I’m eager to start 2017. It’s not the first time I’ve mentioned how weird 2016 has been. We’ve seen some pretty awful things happen around the world and perhaps even experienced some hardships ourselves. However, 2016 has been so good to me personally. I’m proud of all my accomplishments. From getting new jobs to graduating from the University of Florida, I really have nothing to complain about. But the biggest present this year has given me is peace of mind. In my 23 years, I’ve never been as happy and comfortable in my own skin as I am now. In the last few months, I’ve seen myself grow even more than I’ve seen in previous years. I’m at an incredible place right now where every decision I make is mine, and what people do, whether good or bad, doesn’t have as much of an affect on me as it would have previously. Continue reading

How 2016 has changed my mind and body

Every once in a while I’ll write a post about fitness. Usually it’s a new work out I’m trying or how good it feels to pick up fitness as a hobby. But today I wanted to write about what’s made 2016 different than previous years. I’ve always been a fan of staying active and trying new things, but this year has felt intensely different.

I used to hate running, and sometimes still do. I’ll never forget earlier this year when my friend asked me to go on a run with her. I knew I was going to suck, but nothing prepared me for just how badly I would actually suck. I couldn’t run for longer than one minute at a time. Put me in a room with weights and I’ll kill it, put me outside and I’ll die. I was low key mortified. The next few days after that I couldn’t get running out of my head. Even as a kid I was told running wasn’t for me and that my body just wasn’t built for it. Part of me wanted to accept that fate, but a bigger part of me said eff it, I’m going to run. I downloaded a running app and began the grueling process. Every day the app made me run for 30 seconds longer. Soon, I was sprinting and running, and I fell in love with it. Sure, there were days where my breathing was off or my legs were tired, but I was thrilled to think that I was doing something I thought I would never be able to do.

After conquering running, I slowly started adding more cardio to my work outs. I love being outdoors and craved it all the time. I started changing the way I worked out and the work outs started changing the way I looked. My absolute favorite work out right now is Continue reading

Why you might be to blame for being single

There are three sides to every story: My side; your side; and the truth. This tends to be the way things work in every part of life, with little exceptions. Being in college and being surrounded by different people every day, I start to hear reoccurring complaints about today’s dating world.

“He only wants to hook up.”
“He says he likes me but isn’t ready for a relationship.”

“She doesn’t want anything serious.”
“Loyal girls don’t exist.”

The funny thing about these complaints is that they’re all similar in nature. In fact, they all seem pretty easy to fix, too. Think about it, if both the man and woman made appropriate changes, neither party would be able to have these complaints.

However, this isn’t the case. We made our bed, and now we have to sleep in it. We are to blame for the culture we created because we refuse to uphold the standards we might have had in the past.

It’s so easy to blame someone else for their behavior, but maybe we are more to blame than we think.

Take the classic problem where a guy puts minimal effort into getting to know a girl, and even though she realizes this, she caves and they start hooking up with her knowing there is no actual intention of a relationship.

It’s easy to blame the guy for putting in the minimal effort and only wanting to hang out past a certain hour, but once you agree to this, you’re in the wrong just as much as he is.

Turns out, guys are simple creatures to an extent. Often times, they tell us exactly how they feel, but as women, we try to find a hidden message that might, hopefully explain why he held your hand at a party even though he told you he wasn’t looking for a relationship. Continue reading

Summer Wedding

Meet my sister, the woman who is getting married four times…..to the same guy. Apparently that is unheard of, so I think she found an interesting fact to tell people whenever they ask.

I guess I have to explain why there are four weddings before I can move on from this topic. The first wedding was in the court, to make it official. The second wedding was the one I’m about to share pictures from. It was in New Smyrna, where the groom’s family is from, which was beautiful. The third wedding will be at a venue in Brazil. Finally, the last one will be in a small church in Brazil. Whew!

Now that her weddings are explained, let’s talk about the New Smyrna wedding. I was really excited for this wedding, because it was the first ceremony I got to see. My favorite part was how they exchanged Hawaiian leis instead of rings.

Because this was a backyard wedding during the day, I opted for a dress that was airy and light. When choosing my outfit, I had to keep in mind that most heels will sink in the grass, so I went with a chestnut brown wedge, which also provided a more casual feel.


IMG_2175.jpg Continue reading

Back to Basics

Every girl needs some basics in her closet. From denim to a crisp white button down, you’ll never be able to say you have nothing to wear when you have a few go-to outfits.

I took a quick trip to Tampa, a couple hours away, and I felt like I had nothing to wear. I went through about three different outfits until I surrendered and went straight for my distressed denim pants. Although I could’ve paired anything with them, I decided to go for my Ann Taylor shirt. I love the fit of the shirt. It shows enough neck without being too much, giving a more modern feel to such a basic top.


With an all-white outfit, I decided on my Coach Gramercy. It had the right amount of chic with a little pop of color.


Finally, I put on my favorite flats from my favorite store in Brazil, Avida. If you’re not new to my blog, you know just how much I love this store. Not only are the products high in quality, but they are always on trend. Can’t complain about that, can we?


Although the Gramercy is no longer available at coach.com, the Swagger frame satchel is the closest to the bag I’m currently carrying. Find it here.