How to Deal With Pressure in Fitness

Fitness to me is more than just a hobby. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – fitness is therapy. As amazing as these last few years have been, I’ve also realized just how taxing fitness and nutrition can be on someone. For 2017, I made it a point to look at health differently from how I previously had. Before this year, I did fad diets, I was inconsistent and I was obsessed with achieving a goal that was never going to happen.

In the beginning of the year, I challenged myself to focus on being healthy and strong, not inconsistent and skinny.


One of my best qualities and biggest flaws is that I’m a competitive perfectionist. Not only do I strive for perfection, but I want to be the absolute best at what I’m working on. Being this way makes me determined to reach my goals, but it’s also hard to celebrate how far I’ve come and not just look for how much more I can do. Although I’m super proud of myself, I do know that I need to stop being so hard on myself.

I have a short-term goal and long-term goal that I’ve decided to keep to myself. This way it’ll help take the pressure off of reaching and surpassing these goals.

Sometimes, the best way to work towards your goals is in silence. It’s also important to be as realistic as possible. Scrolling through Instagram and following fitness models selling teas, can be really discouraging. It can be so easy to want to have a “perfect body”, but it’s so important to understand just how much your body is capable of in a specific amount of time. I don’t believe in unfollowing all these bomb ass women, but I do believe in separating yourself from what you see online. 

I can advise you to forever be confident in every situation, but I know that is impossible. So here’s my advice – fake it until you make it. Eventually real confidence will come. Look at the facts and think, “I am capable of this.” Believe in yourself without beating yourself up if you fail. As everyone always says, if you fall, pick yourself back up.

Go be the warrior you know you can be, and kick some ass this week.




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