2016: A year in review

As the 2016 chapter closes, I’m eager to start 2017. It’s not the first time I’ve mentioned how weird 2016 has been. We’ve seen some pretty awful things happen around the world and perhaps even experienced some hardships ourselves. However, 2016 has been so good to me personally. I’m proud of all my accomplishments. From getting new jobs to graduating from the University of Florida, I really have nothing to complain about. But the biggest present this year has given me is peace of mind. In my 23 years, I’ve never been as happy and comfortable in my own skin as I am now. In the last few months, I’ve seen myself grow even more than I’ve seen in previous years. I’m at an incredible place right now where every decision I make is mine, and what people do, whether good or bad, doesn’t have as much of an affect on me as it would have previously.

I am grateful every single day for how far I’ve come. Even though I’m happy and comfortable with where I’m at, it’s important to view each day as a new challenge and be able to conquer every goal I set for myself. Although I like the idea of having resolutions for the new year, this year I don’t want to set specific goals. To me, it’s much more important to set daily, weekly and monthly goals based on what I’m wanting to achieve at that exact moment. You never know what you need to work on and being open minded and flexible allows for more challenges and more growth.  What I do want, however, is to push myself even more in 2017. I want to start the new year fearlessly and learn just how capable I am of achieving things I never thought possible.

I’m wishing all of you a healthy 2017. May it bring you joy, growth and the purest form of happiness!




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