Summer Wedding

Meet my sister, the woman who is getting married four times… the same guy. Apparently that is unheard of, so I think she found an interesting fact to tell people whenever they ask.

I guess I have to explain why there are four weddings before I can move on from this topic. The first wedding was in the court, to make it official. The second wedding was the one I’m about to share pictures from. It was in New Smyrna, where the groom’s family is from, which was beautiful. The third wedding will be at a venue in Brazil. Finally, the last one will be in a small church in Brazil. Whew!

Now that her weddings are explained, let’s talk about the New Smyrna wedding. I was really excited for this wedding, because it was the first ceremony I got to see. My favorite part was how they exchanged Hawaiian leis instead of rings.

Because this was a backyard wedding during the day, I opted for a dress that was airy and light. When choosing my outfit, I had to keep in mind that most heels will sink in the grass, so I went with a chestnut brown wedge, which also provided a more casual feel.






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