Back to Basics

Every girl needs some basics in her closet. From denim to a crisp white button down, you’ll never be able to say you have nothing to wear when you have a few go-to outfits.

I took a quick trip to Tampa, a couple hours away, and I felt like I had nothing to wear. I went through about three different outfits until I surrendered and went straight for my distressed denim pants. Although I could’ve paired anything with them, I decided to go for my Ann Taylor shirt. I love the fit of the shirt. It shows enough neck without being too much, giving a more modern feel to such a basic top.


With an all-white outfit, I decided on my Coach Gramercy. It had the right amount of chic with a little pop of color.


Finally, I put on my favorite flats from my favorite store in Brazil, Avida. If you’re not new to my blog, you know just how much I love this store. Not only are the products high in quality, but they are always on trend. Can’t complain about that, can we?


Although the Gramercy is no longer available at, the Swagger frame satchel is the closest to the bag I’m currently carrying. Find it here.


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