The Art of Nails

When asked to describe my style, I usually use the words minimalist and classic with a twist. That pretty much describes my style and taste for everything, including nails. It wasn’t until recently that I began ditching my go-to reds and darker hues for brighter colors. Don’t get me wrong, I am still obsessed with my darker polishes. However, as a senior PR major, I’ve been attending more and more networking functions and I’ve started realizing something crucial – how to stand out. At almost every networking event, I notice the usual suspects showing off their character in the same way, and I decided to do the same. Let me explain.

At every networking event I see several of the men wearing ultra professional outfits. Keep looking and you’ll spot these men showing off their personalities with some spunky socks. Colors, patterns and even graphics appear on their socks, which gives these men the advantage when showing off their professionalism and personality in one.

So I began thinking about how I could do that myself without losing professionalism. That’s when I decided to start painting my nails differently. I went to my first event with a bright blue (listed below) and I can’t even tell you how many people came up to me and started a conversation based on my nails. The best part is that the color caught the attention of both male and female professionals.

After realizing my success, I began putting other colors to the test. I’m happy to report how well this tactic has worked for me. I honestly believe you can mix business with spunk without compromising your credibility. That being said, don’t take this too far either. Limit yourself to different colors and stay away from excessively long nails or crazy designs. The reason my idea has been successful is because it’s still tasteful, while allowing you to stand out a bit from the crowd.


Try these any of these two colors for your next event and see how it works. I guarantee you’ll find success as well.




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