Here’s to All the Friends We’ve Lost Along the Way

It happens.

Throughout life we win and we lose. In elementary, middle and high school, we gain some of the most incredible friends in the world. The friends who have been there during your first boyfriend, your first job, your first breakup and all the adventures in between. They’ve been there through your all your ups and downs, your celebrations and your hardships. They’re the first person you call and the last person you’d consider losing.

And then it happens. Life. You get into the college of your dreams and start pursuing your goals. You get internships, projects, make new friends. Meanwhile, your friend is pursuing her dreams and goals. Slowly but surely you aren’t calling her first anymore. You update her on your life every month instead of every day.

Before you know it, other people replace that special  spot she once had reserved for you. And you notice.

You start witnessing the milestones she reached from afar. You congratulate her through text and Facebook. And next thing you know, what used to be a best friend is now a distant friend.


Moments like these are tough. It’s hard to accept the loss of an incredible friendship. It’s even harder to hold on to something that no longer exists. But life is about the experiences along the way. We all go through the gaining of new friendships and the losses of old ones. It doesn’t seem fair at the time, but it’s something we’ll learn to understand along the way.

We may have lost some friends along the way, but we also gained new experiences and new friendships down the road as well. Most importantly, all of our friends taught us something about ourselves in one way or another. We’ve learned from every fight, laughter and adventures.

So instead of mourning the loss of old friends, let’s thank them for making that moment in our lives, one of the best ever.

To all the friends I’ve lost along the way, thank you for shaping me into the woman I am today. Thank you for guiding me through all the hardships and being there to laugh by my side during all the good times. Most importantly, thank you for being the greatest friend I could have during that time in my life.




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