Five Habits to Pick up in 2016

New year, new you. Every year people make promises to become a better version of themselves. However, how many people actually stick with their resolutions?

It’s important to start 2016 with attainable goals that you can build off of throughout the year. Below are five habits to pick up this year.

1. Wake up earlier.

You’ve heard the saying before. It’s time to become the early bird and get that worm. Although this idea might frighten you night owls, waking up a couple hours earlier results in a more productive day. Repetition results in habits after a while, so the less times you hit snooze, the easier it’ll be down the road to get up earlier. Become a more productive you this year.

2. Use a planner.

Speaking of productivity, it gets tough remembering everything you need to do in two weeks from now, so it’s time to whip out that planner you’ve promised yourself you’d use every year. It’s so important to stay organized and write down everything you need to do. I got so addicted to my planner this past year, that I would write down even the smallest coffee dates with pals. Sound silly? Maybe it is, but I can say I knew exactly what the weeks would bring.

3. Fix your posture.

Let’s face it, Millennials have a bad rap when it comes to technology. We’re constantly looking down at our phones and texting. Well with constant texting comes text neck. Haven’t heard of it? Check out the Daily Burn’s breakdown of what it is and how to fix it here.

4. Switch out the remote for a new book.

This is a big one for me. I’ve always loved reading, but I’ve found how easily technology has replaced reading a good book. It’s easy to miss out on the experience of going to a bookstore or library and selecting a new book. Make 2016 about discovering new reads and silencing your phone for a few hours.

5. Be healthier.

I get it – New Years resolutions are hard to stick to. Work towards smaller short-term goals to hit that long-term goal in the end. Drink less soda, drink more tea. Turn off the TV, walk 10 more minutes on the stair master. Most importantly, take progress photos. Progress photos are the best to maintain motivation. It’s not something you need to share with the world like most people do on Instagram. Do it to keep yourself excited, and I promise you, you will see a difference.


photo credit: @laceandmimosas Instagram page


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