LBD – Little Blue Dress

The little blue dress. Navy to be exact. This little blue dress may be one of my favorite pieces in my closet as of late. Why? Because it’s flattering, hugs me in all the right places and can be worn on several different occasions.


I got this dress and necklace from Blu Spero, a store currently only located in Florida and Alabama.



I’m usually not one to wear too many statement accessories, but this necklace was too beautiful to pass on.


The bad news is that Blu Spero is not available online. The good news is that it will be available online soon.

My suggestion is that you keep tabs on when they’ll be available online because you won’t want to miss out.


I loved this outfit because it was effortless and chic all at the same time, which is what I try to achieve whenever I’m getting dressed.

I paired this outfit with my favorite heels from Coach, and I was ready for the night.




4 thoughts on “LBD – Little Blue Dress

  1. you look amazing!! the necklace is so pretty and unique 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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