Vacation to Paradise

It’s easy to lose yourself when you get sucked into your everyday life. Deadlines, meetings, leading, delegating, writing, learning, public speaking. Next thing you know the cycle repeats yourself before you even lay your head on the pillow at the end of the night.

I’ve been told by so many people what the secret to living a sane and healthy life.

“Meditate more.”

“Go to church more.”

“Lift more weights.”

“Say ‘no’ more.”

Whether these things deem true or not, sometimes the secret to sanity lies within yourself.

While going to church, saying no and hitting the gym for an extra hour works for Sarah next door, it may not work for you.

So when I was given the opportunity to take a trip to the beach for Thanksgiving break, I thought maybe this was exactly the kind of break I needed.

Now, usually when my family goes on a trip, it means late nights and even earlier mornings filled with long walks on the beach and hitting the streets to explore.

This time, however, I decided to listen to what I needed instead.

I never woke up before 8. I meditated on the balcony that faced the deep blue ocean. I ate what I wanted to eat. I worked as much as I felt I needed to without pushing myself.

And can I say how great it was?

I felt rejuvenated and ready to come back with an even stronger work ethic with even more energy.

So my advice to you is to follow your own advice.

Do what you makes you happy, as cliche as it sounds.




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