Kiss Me like You Adore Me

Tis the season to be sexy. At least it is according to Adore Me’s Mistletoe Magic Collection

For those of you who haven’t hopped on the ‘sexy lingerie that doesn’t cost you half your paycheck’ wagon, you should really consider it.


There’s something innocently sexy about the holidays that gets me every time. Maybe it’s the naughty vs. nice photo captions every girl posts on Instagram. Or the fact that it is socially acceptable to kiss a stranger under a mistletoe. (Does that actually happen though??)

Either way, it’s hard to not get excited to put on a Santa hat and some knee-high socks while enjoying some toasty hot cocoa.


Although it is Florida and it’s still 86 degrees on this lovely day, I still play my part in the holiday sleepwear fun.

Today I slipped on one of my new favorite pjs with subtle messaging plastered on the front and cuddled with two of the million stuffed animals my boyfriend gifted me.



Comfort for me, is a huge thing when sleeping, so finding something simple, yet slightly sexy is a win-win when shopping. And of course sharing is caring this holiday season so you can shop my night dress here.

For those of you on the wilder side, sex it up with some lingerie, Santa socks (classic) and a barely-there robe to throw on top. I’m willing to bet there’s a chance you’d make it on the naughty list this season.


Not wild enough for you? Get inspired by Adore Me’s Rhiannon balconette bra and panty set from their Mistletoe Magic Collection and ditch the robe. A little push-up can’t hurt either.


What are you wearing to bed this holiday season? Share your most Adored bedtime outfit by commenting below. I promise I won’t tell Santa.




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