How to: Make Your Makeup Last All Night Long

IT’S FINALLY HERE! I have been teasing you guys on my social media about how I manage to make my makeup last all day long, and it’s finally time that I tell you just how I do it.


I have tried dozens of different products such as finishing sprays and translucent powders to help keep my makeup from moving and smudging, and I’m happy to report a tactic I’ve been using for about a year and a half that actually works. I use this product for those long days filled with things to do and an event at the end of the night. Additionally, this has been my savior for music festivals and concerts where it is nearly impossible to keep your makeup on.

So now let’s get to it.

***drum roll please


The product I swear by is hairspray. I know, weird.

If you think about it, hairspray helps keep the style of your locks from falling out, and with makeup it’s very similar. By spraying your face, the hairspray helps lock in your makeup and keeps it in place.

I typically use it after applying all my makeup and putting translucent powder all over my face. The translucent powder (I’ve currently been obsessing over Ben Nye) soaks up all the oils in your face and creates a matte-like finish. After applying the translucent powder, spray the hairspray all over.  The combination of translucent powder and hairspray creates a thin layer of protection against all the factors that typically move your makeup.

The main key with using hairspray is to not wipe off anything from your face, including sweat. You must always dab when touching your face, if you must.

That being said, it is extremely important to wash your face thoroughly after the night is over. You need to let your skin breathe and having product lock in makeup until the next morning is not a good idea.

I really hope this idea works with you guys as well as it does with me! Comment below your successes or any other product you think works for keeping your makeup on all night long.



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