My Trip to Los Angeles

What better way to show you guys how much fun California was than with pictures!

I think out of all the things we did, my favorite thing was hiking up to see the Hollywood sign. It was so refreshing and the view was absolutely incredible. Workouts would be so easy with that view…

Also, to anyone in the LA area, you guys MUST go to Community in Los Feliz. The food is impeccable and so freshly made. To finish off that delicious meal, they have homemade cakes that taste so perfect and melt in your mouth…not to mention one slice of cake is bigger than my face – dream come true.

Enough chatting, take a look at my summer trip to the west coast.

IMG_2726 IMG_2476 IMG_2490 IMG_2712 IMG_2709 IMG_2462 IMG_2468 IMG_2461

IMG_2473 IMG_2457 IMG_2451 IMG_2428 IMG_2391 IMG_2396 IMG_2398 IMG_2472 IMG_2412


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