Reasons Why Spending a Week in Paris is Healthy

Is there a better time than now to write about Paris? Seeing incredible designs by Dior and Chanel Haute Couture stomp down the runway is inspiration enough to put together scientific reasons as to why Paris is healthy for you. OK, it’s not completely science-based, BUT it might as well be.


It’s funny because I used to boycott Paris in a way. Before our family trip to Europe, all I wanted to know about was Italy. I honestly didn’t even care if we stopped by Paris or not. But for those of you who haven’t gone, or have the same weird mindset as I did, forget it! Paris is absolutely wonderful. It’s romantic, it’s charming and it’s beautiful.

So, my lovely readers, here are my reasons why Paris is, indeed, healthy for you.

1) Food and Drinks: They say a glass of red wine is good for your health…let’s ignore the fact that I just proved Paris is healthy for you and let’s talk about the food. What I loved the most about Paris were the coffee shops. I may be wrong, but I feel like people in Europe give themselves some time in their day to sit and enjoy a pastry and coffee. Giving yourself a little time to process the day is what keeps you sane. I’ve met many professionals and read about plenty of celebrities who start their morning with silent meditation. By doing this, they have a peaceful moment (even if it’s only 10 minutes) to prepare themselves for the rest of the day. Silent meditation is our version of European coffee.

2) Fashion: Take a second and go on any big blog or website (try whowhatwear if you can’t think of any) and look up Parisian style. I guarantee there will be at least one post on how to achieve the ideal Parisian fashion. It’s a style that says elegance in a laid-back, one-of-a-kind way. What better to surround yourself with Parisian women (unless you’re in typical tourist areas) when trying to achieve their style. Paris has some of the most naturally beautiful women who will make you question why you never dressed like them in the first place. And face it, a little appreciation for natural beauty is good for the soul.

3) History: From exquisite museums to mind-blowing churches, there is always something to see in Paris. Going to everything offered in Paris can get expensive, so either select the main attractions you would like to see or just take a tour bus around the city. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from just a couple rounds. Exercising your mind is healthy and trust me, there’s so much to learn about Paris.

4) Romance: Sure, if you go to Paris with your significant other or love interest it’s definitely the place to set the mood. However, the romance I’m talking about is the romance with yourself. Sound weird? Let me explain. People describe Paris as a magical city, and until you experience the magic yourself, it’s kind of hard to describe. There’s just something special about Paris that makes you not only fall in love with your surroundings but yourself as well. I’m a huge believer in traveling by yourself to really get to know who you are. I was just talking to a really amazing friend of mine who is currently interning in LA. She went from living with her family and growing up in Florida to moving all the way across the country without knowing a soul. She’s fallen in love with California and she mentioned how self-reliant she’s become. There’s something powerful about only being able to depend on yourself to get things done. You get know your strengths and weaknesses. To me, there’s nothing healthier than that…especially in Paris.



One thought on “Reasons Why Spending a Week in Paris is Healthy

  1. Oh spot! I’ve been to Paris a few years ago and I was boycotting Paris too! I’m not sure why…. but I didn’t find the charm I was hoping for. I found the people extremely rude…but looking back now, I wish I stayed for a longer period and give Paris another chance! Looking forward to another trip to Paris int he coming months!

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