How to: Ombre Lip

I’ve been so excited to share this makeup trick with you guys for a while now! The ombre lip has been used time and time again by makeup artists and youtube sensations like Carli Bybel and many more.


The reason I love doing a two-toned lip is because it makes your lips look much fuller and it’s honestly so easy to achieve. Not only do I love it, but it’s actually my go-to lip routine.

So here is my step-by-step process to get the perfect ombre lip:

1) The first step is to exfoliate your lips. There are so many different ways to do this, but what you’re really wanting to achieve is a nice even layer of skin to begin your look. I have a sugar scrub “lipstick” (I think from elf) that works decently, but you can find homemade ideas from websites like

2) Next, you’ll want to line in your lips and fill them in completely. You can use any color for this, but I’m using a nude color here. It really doesn’t have to be perfect because of the layering you’ll do in a bit.


3) After liner, grab a darker shade and draw in your lips around the corners of you mouth and bring them in slightly towards the center. You can also draw those lines around the center of your lips that create a fuller-lip effect. Don’t worry about blending it in.


4) Next, take a color that matches (or is close to) your first liner and apply normally.


5) Find a true nude color or a color lighter than the colors you’ve used in your palette and apply only to the center of your lips.


6) Take concealer and a small angled brush to clean up the edges. Cleaning up the edges creates straighter lines that make your lips look better.


7) Here’s the weird part, but also my favorite trick! Take translucent powder or very refined powder and dab it on your lips, making sure it’s mixed in well. I’m using Ben Nye in Cameo for this. By doing this, the powder holds the color in place, which causes the color to stay on longer. To make the color last even longer, after applying the powder, repeat process 2-6.


And you’re done!

IMG_9471And it looks great in just about every color. I love using the ombre lip with a true red. It really spices up your overall look.


Hope you all enjoyed! xoxo


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