Indian Weddings

It has been forever since I have been able to get on here and write and it feels terrible. I don’t even need to get into how busy I’ve been the last couple of weeks, but I will say how happy I am to be back.


I’m also super happy to talk about the wedding of a lifetime I just went to. My boyfriend’s sister got married in St. Augustine, Florida and my photos will not do this wedding justice! It was in-cred-ible. From the food, to the decor, to the bride, nothing could have made this wedding better.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the first few days because of work, but I got to see the most important part – the ceremony. I never knew how intricate Indian weddings were, nor was I aware of how playful they are too. I got to see the groom get his nose pinched and shoes  stolen – you really don’t find this anywhere else.

My favorite part of the ceremony, and the entire weekend, was when the bride came out, carried down the aisle. She looked beautiful, and I even teared up (I’m lame).

Following the ceremony we had the cocktail hour and reception.

At the cocktail hour there was this chicken dish that I wish I had the name of or at least the recipe because I couldn’t stop eating it! It was so spicy, but so good that I had to eat berries in between bites to handle the heat!

At the reception, we enjoyed toasts from the bride and groom’s siblings and a dance choreographed by family members. After we ate and danced, the beautiful night was over, but I’ll never forget how special and intimate that night was.





**Had to steal this off Snapchat! Taken by the bride’s sister



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