Celebrity Hair Transformations


I just saw this morning Christina Hendricks latest hair transformation and it is stunning. So stunning, that it gave me the idea for this blog post. Celebrities are always changing their hair, giving us great ideas for our next trip to the hair salon. I myself am going in between phases of wanting to go bronde or back to dark. Who knows what I’ll choose.

Thinking of changing your hair? Maybe these transformations will help you make the choice.



Camilla Belle – I LOVE her transformation. In fact, her ‘after’ is exactly what I want to do if I go lighter. This color flatters her face much more than the color on the left. It’s really hard to pull off that orange color with fair skin. With her new ‘do she looks much more mature and edgy.

Brooklyn Decker - InStyle

Brooklyn Decker – Long blonde waves are beautiful, but how chic does she look now with much shorter hair? She transformed into an elegant woman.


Margot Robbie – Obsessed with her. Period. She is stunning. I’m pretty sure she could do anything to her hair and I would love it.


Jessica Alba – Love this bob on her. She looks fresh and young.


Lily Collins – Edgy, edgy, edgy. This girl is bring it all out with this effortless ‘do.


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