The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

singleI know, I know, the dreaded holiday is approaching faster than you’d like. Here’s to another year of hating everyone’s disgustingly sweet Instagram photos of them kissing their boyfriend. As much as being miserable, alone and sad sounds extremely tempting, how about changing it up this year? If being happy on Valentine’s Day sounds appealing to you, keep reading to find out the Single Girl’s Guide to Valentines Day: 1. Indulge in yourself: Who said you ever needed someone to buy you chocolate? You are more than capable of buying yourself those box of chocolates or whatever else you’re wanting that day. Make this special day all about you. Forget your diet, forget what’s socially acceptable – do you 2. Pick up a new hobby: Always wanted to try hot yoga or learn how to make that incredible recipe you found on Pintrest? Now is a great time to start something you haven’t had time for. Challenge yourself to find something that you’ve always wanted to do, and you may surprise yourself. yoga 3. Go on a trip: Whether you’re in town on VDay or not, having something to look forward to when you’re down always helps keep your spirits up. And who doesn’t like exploring a new city and discovering new things. beach   4. Secret Santa: Who said Secret Santa was only for Christmas? Get all your single girlfriends together and go on a date that consists of movies, popcorn, brownies and presents. It’s always more fun celebrating with friends and laughing at all the crazy gifts you’re getting.

presents 5. Go out: You know where all the hot single guys are? Not sitting at home. Go out to a fun club with all your girlfriends and dance the night away. Night club dancing party 6. Sex and the City: Bring out the cosmos and keep them coming. Dress up as your favorite characters and vote on the best one, or have a Sex and the City trivia night. The possibilities are endless. sex and the city I’m expecting all you girls to go do whatever you want and have fun doing it! Make me proud xoxo


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