Black and Layered

Two years ago, I would walk passed the Coach store at our mall and admire all the amazing bags. I remember one day I saw this magenta satchel and still regret that I never even attempted to buy it. Then again, when I think back I don’t think I even had a job so that would make things a little difficult too.

But aside from admiring all the leather, I also looked at the girls. When you work at a high-end store, you expect high-end taste, and that’s what I would look at.

Fast forward to a year and 7 (going on 8) months later, and I’m now in their shoes…literally.

Unfortunately, we don’t have as much freedom to dress as chic as we want because of our dress code, but I must say we don’t look half bad.

The other day, I walked into work and saw my manager, Hailey decked out in the chicest layering our dress code would allow.

Since it’s progressing towards winter, our mornings are cold, but Hailey proved that the weather doesn’t need to kill an outfit.

I obviously had to ask to take her picture because I needed to share with all my lovely readers some inspiration to look good and keep warm at the same time.




***Quick tip: Hailey’s shoes are Coach. Style No. Q4408 and they are on sale….you can thank me later.



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