Dress the Part at Work

It’s about that time where we switch gears into something more serious…work.
Today in my event management class, we discussed professionalism. One of the points we talked about was building a brand for yourself.

Basically, no matter what you do or where you work, the actions you take and the way you look (whether we like this idea or not) decides how others see you.

You know that girl or guy that came to class on the very first day and then stopped showing up? Or your coworker that seems to be an absolute mess and makes you wonder why he/she still has a job?

Well although it’s not a positive one, those people built a brand for themselves that says “I’m unreliable and unprepared,” and “I’m someone you don’t want to work with.”

So although I can tell you to be your very best every day, I can’t tell you exactly how to do that, but I can tell you how to dress the part.

In case you didn’t read this in my ‘About Me’ page, I have been working at Coach for a little over a year and a half (and yes, I love every part of it). One of my favorite transitions we made in Coach was our new dress code. We got to ditch the jeans and navy blazers and replace them with a sexier and more professional attire.

This inspired me to inspire you to not only do your very best at everything you do, but look your very best too.

Get excited about spicing up your everyday work outfit and don’t be afraid to throw on some heels. To me, any woman in heels exudes confidence, and that is key.





Needing some more inspiration? Check out these outfits I found for you on Pintrest





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