Organize Your Drawers

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I spent mine in Orlando visiting my boyfriend and some friends. We went to Halloween Horror Nights and to those of you who know what that is or have personally gone, I don’t know how people do it. It was terrifying!

It was literally so embarrassing seeing little kids going into the scary houses when I could only go into two! But overall it was still a blast and maybe I’ll grow up and handle it next year. One can dream…
On a much lighter note, on Sunday I was able to tackle a huge project. Part of me wishes I could’ve taken a before picture so you could’ve seen the drastic change, but I didn’t want to scare anyone either.

So in case you couldn’t guess it, I organized my drawers yayyy.

A quick and boring overview, my dresser has five drawers and each drawer holds something different.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on Pintrest lately about all these very well organized drawers and I finally researched (I know I’m lame) it enough to find a process that worked for me.

I changed a few things here and there but this is the final product:

***Viewer discretion is advised. If you don’t want to see my bras and panties, don’t keep scrolling.*** 


So my top drawer holds all my accessories. I actually did this a few months ago and I’ve loved how organized everything is. I can see exactly what all my options are which is great because it forces me to wear something different when I go out.  I got these little compartments from Target for about $7 each.


This drawer took a lot of tries to perfect. This is my shorts/skirt drawer and I never knew how many I had until I tried fitting them all in one place. The far left side are my casual shorts, the middle section are my going out shorts and the right side holds all my skirts. Of course any skirts past my knees go in my closet. My biggest tip for anyone wanting to try this is to not fold anything tightly. The reason I don’t have as much room as I expected (besides discovering about four skirts I forgot I owned) is because I left space for all my pieces. The tighter you fold, the more you’ll have to iron. And no one likes ironing.


One of my favorite drawers, besides my last one. It’s a little difficult to see but this is my workout drawer. The left side holds all my shirts and right in front of them are my phone accessories and a brace for my elbow that I wear to the gym. In the middle are my sports bras and on the left side are all my pants. In front of my bras and pants are all my gym shorts. Usually when I get ready for the gym I only have a few minutes to throw something on and the way this is organized really helps me out in this process.


Almost done! My fourth drawer holds all my pjs. How appropriate is that white shirt for this picture? Anyway, pretty self explanatory. Shirts on the left, shorts rolled loosely in the middle and pants on the right. I also put al my socks in there too and I wish I could explain what happened to all my socks that aren’t holiday themed.


And last but definitely not least, my bras and panties! Super exciting because I just love the way my bras look in this. I organized it by putting all my bralettes and bandeaus on the left, bras in the center, panties on the right (sexy on one side, comfy on the other) and nude bandeaus in front of them. Might I also add Victoria’s Secret is having a 7 for $26.50 panties sale? I threw out a lot of my panties and am super excited to update this part of my wardrobe. Can’t wait to fill that right side up with some colorful lace.

So there you have it. Now that you’ve had the chance to probe through my dresser, this can give you that extra motivation to really organize all your drawers that I know need organizing. Those 30 minutes out of your busy day can really go a long way.

Hope this Monday hasn’t been too hard on you all.

Until next time,



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