Peaceful Environments

I want to start off by apologizing. I realize my posts haven’t been as consistent as they should be but I promise to post as much as I can! I’m a junior this semester and I can already tell how much it’s been taking a toll on me.

Because of how hectic my days are, I’ve decided to make a few changes in my environment and give you guys ideas on how you can improve yours.

It’s proven that the environment you’re in has a huge part in your attitude and mood. Because of how crazy my life is right now with work, taking six classes, having meetings every week and keeping you guys updated, my environment has become a total priority.

I wish I would’ve taken a before picture of my room, but I’ll try my best to describe it. So my walls are lime green and that alone is a very “loud” color. Well, when I was younger I thought it would be a perfect idea to pair those walls with purple and blue stripes on my bed covers and my curtains. Add a bunch of knick knacks and you have yourself a very over-the-top room. It was AWFUL. The thought of studying in my room with all that distraction and clutter made cringe so I never would. As everyone always says, your room is your sanctuary…and I was running from mine.

So, I’m sure you can see where this is going – I redid my room in one day without doing anything extremely drastic.

Basically, I replaced all the “loud” clutter with softer, more calming pieces that transformed my room into something beautiful.

So scroll down and check out the improvements I’ve made. I hope some of this has inspired you to make some changes in your environment.



My bedside table has a lamp (from Ikea) with a book

(currently reading Insurgent) and a sleeping mask my sister made for me.


Oh the other side of my bed is where I have all my fashion magazines(Vogue, Harpers Bazar, Cosmopolitan, etc.).

I also have a picture of my super cute puppy (he’s passed the age of puppy, but I’m in denial).


And at the top of the shelves are little knick knacks. A reed diffuser is perfect next to my bed and the delicate

pieces around it offer a softer, calmer vibe to my room, which is perfect for when I’m going to sleep.


A  painting that my sister also got me gives my room a more whimsical feel.


Details on my bed covers. Notice how the grey is a calming color.


My favorite part of my room! This is where I do all my blogging and work. Keeping your life organized is extremely important so you don’t feel overwhelmed. I love the picture on my desk because of how soft and feminine it is. Definitely gives my workspace a relaxed vibe.


Try not to be surprised: My sister also got me this incense holder that gives my desk

a pop of color. And nothing says soothing quite like incense.


Lastly, the details on my desk. I have a simple translucent lamp (from Ikea) and a jar where I put all my coins. I love how it looks in the jar and all those coins really add up! I added another knick-knack that my dad got me that says “be happy”. I think it makes as a great reminder to always be focused on my goals but to also take time to enjoy all the small things in life. And finally, a jar from Target where I put all my writing utensils.


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