For years and years I have loved the all-black look. My favorite thing about wearing black is that it’s always in (and it doesn’t hurt that it’s a color that looks great on everyone). 

Quoted by the irreplaceable Michael Kors, “I always say, wear black and drink white.” Can the man be more correct??

If you think about it, it’s kind of hard to pinpoint when black became fashion. I personally would say it came from Chanel’s debut of the LBD wayyyy back in the day. In fact, the LBD became popular when Chanel’s appeared in the pages of Vogue on October 1, 1920. Since that day, it became a fashion must-have. They’ve known for being the perfect piece to dress up or dress down. 

But little fab dresses isn’t the only way to wear an all-black ensemble. Black outfits can be perfect for any occasion. So bring out your inner sexy/edgy/powerful woman as you scroll through these inspirational looks…


Keep it interesting

This fashion queen has just enough subtle detail throughout her outfit that kills any chances of her having the “boring-black-outfit prob” (that’s technical term).



Leather, spice and everything nice

Create an edgier look to any outfit with a hot leather accessory.  


What a stud

Can Mrs. Beckham ever go wrong? (I mean look at her hubby..) 

The studs not only gives us something to look at, but it accentuates her super enviable waistline. 


Casually Chic

Whichever twin this is, is doing it right. I’ll go on a fangirl rant in a future post about how incredible these ladies are, but for now let’s focus on this style icon’s ability to create an effortlessly chic look. The loose top and heels creates a wonderfully inspiring juxtaposition.


Pop of color

Kim K. nails it with a fun, yet beautiful look with her blazer. This outfit is a great figure-flattering option for us girls who hate being boring.





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