Indian Inspired

It’s not really my thing to gush over a boyfriend to many people, especially not on the internet like this, but my boyfriend is literally the best (I promise this is going somewhere). We were friends for many, many years before actually dating so he’s always had a large impact in my life.  To spare you all from this romance novel, I’ll make this quick – basically, I’m beyond lucky to have someone as supportive and loving in my life who also exposes me to his incredible culture as well.

If you couldn’t guess it, Vishal is Indian. And a little fun fact about me is that I’ve always been infatuated with different cultures and experiencing hands-on how people do things.

The other day, one of Vishal’s family member had a quick wedding ceremony. The actual large wedding ceremony will take place in the beginning of April (expect a billion pictures) but this one was just for the family.

Anyway, his wonderful sister, Ani allowed me to borrow one of her saris and his mother gave me some of her jewels as well.

So all I was responsible for was the hair, makeup and making sure the look was complete, no pressure right?

The first thing I decided on was doing my hair in big bouncy curls and then brushed through them to make them into softer waves; finishing them off with hairspray.

Then, my favorite part, was the makeup. The Indian women always have the most exotic makeup so I tried my best to achieve it without going overboard.

I started off with a natural eye and  and did eyeliner on my top lid with the slightest wing on each eye and eyeliner on the  lower waterline of each eye.  I wanted to incorporate color off of my sari so I dabbed some green eyeshadow right below my lower lash line.

I completed the look with some semi-heavy contouring and blush and my absolute favorite lipstick, Earthrose.


I found put on these super exotic looking earrings that I got as a gift (I think from Forever 21) and nude flats.




What do you guys think?


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