Shoe Heaven

One of the things I love the most about Brazil is that styles always come out here before they do in the states. That means I buy things and bring them back to Florida before they’re even out. I’m all about being ahead in the game and I’m always excited to have a preview of what I’m going to be seeing a lot of back home.

So you’re probably wondering what I’ve found since I’ve been here and I must say, I’m very proud of my finds.

In case you didn’t see the title – I bought some amazing shoes. Two pairs to be exact.


The first pair of shoes are pretty major and so easy to wear.

real L&M3

I was a little iffy about them being white but since I wear black often, I went for it.

Not only are they different, but they remind me so much of Valentino’s Rockstud collection. More similarily, Valentino’s Ballerina flats.

Now this next pair is everything. The metallic sheets give these heels a futuristic vibe, making any outfit a million times more edgy. Not to mention these are probably one of the most comfortable heels I’ve ever owned. Definitely a win-win for me.

 real L&Mreal L&M1

And of course I can’t forget to thank this woman for all her help. Claudite, has been a sales associate at Avida and has helped us find the most amazing shoes for years. You know those shoes you don’t even have the courage to try on? She makes us try those on. Although I turn many of them down, Claudite ensures I take home at least a few treasures each time.  real L&M4



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