Washing Hair the Right way

After washing your hair the same way for so many years, you would thing there was no mystery to this process. However, I discovered a new and improved way to wash hair.

I came across an email the other day claiming that washing your hair with conditioner first will result in a huge improvement in your hair.

Fortunately (and sometimes unfortunately) I’m very curious and always want to try new things.

So last week I started washing my hair as the woman in the email claimed.

First start with conditioner and ignore the alarms going off in your head saying you’re doing everything wrong.

Second, use shampoo, rinse and use shampoo again.

That’s it.

Initially, I was concerned that doing this would result in even more tangled hair than usual, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Using this process didn’t affect any tangles and once my hair dried, it was fuller and much more bouncy.

The way this works is simple.

The conditioner tends to weigh hair down, so using it first and then rinsing it out with shampoo, cleans your hair and gives it a chance to breathe.

Is it a process I’ll continue using? Absolutely, and I recommend everyone does so as well.



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