Executive Chair of Gainesville Fashion Week

It’s one of my favorite times of the year.

Every year, a team of fierce fashionistas put together runway shows with local designers and special guests.

Last year I was able to volunteer at GFW and got to see amazing designers from Gainesville including our very special guest  and Project Runway contestant, Jay Nicolas Sario.

Gainesville Fashion Week will be this weekend and I’ll be attending and taking pictures for next week’s blog!

I was able to contact the executive chair, Meshi Shoshana and ask her a few questions about what GFW is all about this year.

Shoshana, a senior event management major at the University of Florida, has been a part of Gainesville Fashion Week for four years now and speaks very highly of her team, “Working with a team that is so passionate and hard-working makes you want to strive and work towards making fashion week bigger and better for the years to come.”

Shoshana has worked internships with various companies such as Nordstrom and Teen Vouge. She plans to pursue fashion after graduation.

L&M: What are you looking forward to the most about GFW?

MS: The thing I look most forward to is seeing all the hard work that we put into from the beginning of the year is now all coming together!

L&M: What is different about GFW this year from other years and why?

MS: Every other year we usually have two days of runway shows but this year we decided to condense it to one night with only 5 selective shows.

L&M: What designer are you most excited to see?

MS: I am really excited to see all the shows because each show offers something new, different, and exciting.

L&M:  Are there any specific trends we can expect from the shows?

MS: This year’s theme is “Inspiring Growth” so we are trying to showcase local and inspiring designers from North Central Florida and each designer offers a different trend that caters to different kind of people in Gainesville.


For more about Gainesville Fashion Week, visit their website.



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