Choosing the Right Lip Color


Spring is approaching and we all know that means adding a little more color to our fashion pallet . Makeup is one of the best accessories a woman can utilize if she does it right. Lipstick can either make or break your overall look so it’s important to know what color is best for you.

Finding the right lip color is all in the undertones of your skin. The best lipsticks for your skin are usually one or two shades darker than your actual lip color.

Here’s a break down of what shades are the most flattering based on your skin tone:

  • Fair: Try using bright colors with an orange tint to it.
  • Medium: Look for “true” colors. Colors with a clean undertone generally contrast perfectly with a medium skin color.
  • Olive: Look for colors with a blue undertone that give your lips a darker, sexier feel.
  • Bronze: A beautiful nude or a powerful pop of color works perfectly for your skin tone.
  • Deep: Stay in the pinks and berries. These colors give a contrast to your look without overpowering it.

Remember, if you’re not happy with the color you bought, don’t throw it out. Blending colors can result in the perfect tone so get creative!

Don’t know your undertone? Check out this undertone guide from Beautylish.


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